WEB827: Old World Pepperoni

16” XLarge Zeppe’s pizza topped with extra thick, Old World pepperoni.

WEB828: Pizza & Flatbread

16” XLarge pizza with one topping and your choice of any NEW flatbread

WEB829: Pizza & Wings

8-cut 1 topping pizza and 1 lb of traditonal wings for $19.99

WEB830: Party Pie

Full Sheet pizza (40 squares) with your choice of one topping for 24.99

WEB831: Dinner Deal

Half sheet pizza (20 squares) with one topping, 1 pound of boneless wings, warm garlic twists and a 2-liter beverage

WEB832: Online Ordering Deal!

Place your order online using Zeppe’s NEW online ordering system and receive $5 off your order of $30 or more